Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Out and town with the girls

From Fashionistable
When I met Victoria she was in town shopping with 2 of her friends. For me she just stood out.

Now I feel I need to tell you a bit about how I work here. When I am out and about I would say I tend to approach more people who are on their own. It is easier to strike up a conversation that way. If they are on their phone I will usually let them go as I don't like to interrupt - however there are exceptions to this rule. If they are not moving too fast I will follow. If they are walking up and down in the same area I will wait.

However if they stand out from the people around them I will home in on the person I want to photograph. When I do this though I am very aware of the others I have not asked. And always thank them at the end for their patience while I have photographed their friend, girlfriend or boyfriend. On this day I felt even more awkward though. As Victoria's friends stood behind me I could hear them say "what's wrong with us? We made and effort too." Then when I was interviewing Victoria some more friends arrived and her friends said the same to them and they joined in with "how embarrassing". By the time I walked away I felt really bad. So ladies in reply, there was nothing wrong with you at all it's just that for me there was so much right about Victoria and I am sorry if I offended you in any way.

Victoria is from Reading and was in town for the Gina sale - shoe shopping. Wonderful. Style wise she goes for whatever feels comfortable and whatever her husband likes too.
Here she is wearing a top and shorts from French Connection, shoes from LK Bennett and is carrying a Chanel bag.


Biana said...

lol, I'm sure that it wasn't your intention to offend anyone. Some people can be very sensitive, I guess. I'm just saying, don't feel guilty, because you did nothing wrong.

I do like what she's wearing, thoug. Very fresh and clean and summery. xxx


Pretty in white.
This is a great example of the minimalistic approach to fashion. Definately in my top five looks for this summer.
Great job.

Her friends might wanna ask her for style tips now. haha. Don't hate, appreciate.


very chic & glam...nice blog

Prutha said...

super a follower now :)

Paddy Razzi said...

Nice casual look!!!


Anonymous said...

you have an amazing sense for interesting people, dont let anyone interfere.

love your blog, thank you for sharing~

TorontoVerve.: said...

Great summer look.

I definitely know how you feel about approaching someone for a photo op. and excluding their friends. It's very difficult, but I've done it when I simply couldn't pass on the person.

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