Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Out and about....pretty in pink

From Fashionistable
Natalie is a Preston lass and has just finished a degree in Law. She loves fashion, and says her style inspiration is usually a reflection of her mood. Dressing up makes her feel better. Her other loves are walking in London and people watching. Natalie says that London and NYC are the best places to people watch, better than say Hong Kong. I have yet to go to Hong Kong so am unable for now to say if I agree with her of not. Natalie is wearing 2 tops, the outer is from Primark limited collection and the inner which is also lace is from Topshop. Her belt was a present from her mum. The pink shirt is from TK Maxx, her shoes and bag are Primark again and her necklace is John Richmond.


Bon Vivant Clique said...

i absolutely LOVE what she is wearing.
great post and your blog is fabulouss <3

Biana said...

She looks great!! Love her style! xx

Style Queen said...

I utterly love those shoes! She has amazing fashion sense!

Great blog.


Old Cow said...

I agree. London is mush better for people watching...people here are alot more ummmm interesting in their idiosyncrasies.


Ha! We are both doing pink today.
Can I just say that Natalie is a very good example of that you can look a million dollars on a budget.
Great style.
Great shot.

Prutha said...

love her shoes


follow if u like what u see?


Clare said...

I can't believe most of her outfit is from Primark and TKMaxx, good on her!

tweet tweet tweet


Style, She Wrote said...

Very cute outfit! Love her tutu!

Paddy Razzi said...

Love her cut out shoe boots! Really nice contrast with the black tights!!


Heather. said...

I love love love this!!! great pick ! I agree with THE NYANZI REPORT :D <3

Coach Factory Online said...

I am a novice, your success is my inspiration.Indeed, it is wonderful

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, it's Natalie here :)

Just stumbled across this now but wanted to say thank-you for such lovely comments!

Was rather embarrassing on the one day I'm asked where my outfit is from and practically everything was from Primark! Cringe! But.. I totally agree..money can't buy style and i was a student too!

I love fashion, and am so new to the blogging world but am loving this blog and other followers'.

I am thinking to start one of my own, and/or a fashion start-up company so I would be sooo grateful for any advice from you experienced fashionistas.

Dvora how did it all go with the vogue competition?



Anonymous said...


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