Sunday, 22 November 2015

Orit - To Live, To Dream

As a photographer I am very lucky to get to meet many inspirational women. Some who I meet for the first time when I turn up to take their picture. But sometimes inspiration is much closer to home. Orit is my niece. I first met her when she was 20 she was then and always has been a force of nature. She is an inspirational woman who is empire building and it has and is a joy to watch her journey. We regularly read about successful (not regularly enough in my opinion) women who seem to have it all and wonder how they manage to do it. How do they balance business, family and life. I can tell you the secret from Orits' example, it is done with long hours but with joy and positivity in your heart. And belief, the belief that you can and will.
 The journey usually starts from a young age and with Orit this was true too, “Design has always been in my veins. I remember looking at design magazines since I was a very young.” After Orit left the army (national service in Israel) she worked in high tec while she trained to be an interior designer. She now has a very busy office, that she opened 7 years ago. Her inspiration comes from everywhere, from travel, fashion, product and furniture design and from new technical developments for example smart house electricity. “I love to help my clients achieve the living spaces of their dreams. And work on average 18 hours a day to make this happen." All this while bringing up 3 children, and still finding time for her other passions of baking, clarinet cycling and most recently sup boarding. Here is a link to her site.
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