Thursday, 17 June 2010

Out and and green

From Fashionistable
I was lucky to catch Amy just as she was leaving work for the day and amazingly, what she was wearing beautifully complimented the colours of the building opposite. When I asked Amy what or who her style influence was she told me Annie Lennox. Good strong choice I say. Annie is brilliant.
Today Amy's look is made up of jacket from Reiss, green short top from Topshop, black top and trousers from All Saints, Her belt is from a vintage in 7 Dials near Covent Garden. Amy picked up her bag while she was on a trip to NYC and finally her shoes are Adidas. I love the way the colour and trim of the shoes tie in with the blue of the jacket.
Initially when I asked Amy to tell me something surprising about herself she told me once sold organic chocolate in a store in Devon. She is now an account exec in an Ad agency. However she then later went on to tell me she used to be the deputy editor of fashion and sports magazine Anglomania. It was doing really well locally but when it decided to go global it hit a wall and then the financial crisis unfortunately hit too. So sadly the magazine folded. She then decided this was probably a more surprising fact about her than the chocolate shop.



Annie Lennox is a great choice. so are those adidas. That belt is super too.
Selling organic chocolate is an interesting job to have. It would be intriguing to know the sales pitch to that.
Is that sign for Royal Borough Of K£C I see in the background?

P.S. Did you get my message on Pressbook?

SabinePsynopsis said...

What a beautiful girl with great style (I want that belt!). If you had planned the whole shoot you couldn't have picked a better location!

Clare said...

Lovely colours and a beautiful girl!

tweet tweet tweet


Style, She Wrote said...

Love the Reiss jacket! I saw something similar in H&M and I'm regretting not buying it! xo

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