Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Out and about....summer dressing

From Fashionistable
I love the summer I really do. The wonderful light and the sunshine just lift the spirits. Dressing for the sunshine however I find challenging. Paula on the other hand has it sussed. I love this cool sharp look. And those shoes and her right on trend bag - perfect. So, the look is comprised of shorts from Zara (which is were I spotted her, I was buying those blue trousers I was talking about last week). Her top is from Gap. All teamed up with a Mulberry bag and Fly shoes. Paula's hair is her natural colour. She said she decided to give in to the gray. Great decision I say it is an amazing colour. She likes to keep her style classic and simple, not fussy or patterned.
 When I asked Paula if she worked she said no then proceeded to tell me she had 3 children, so I beg to differ there. I would say they keep her pretty busy (I interviewed her as we walked down the street as she had to head home to do the school run). Although originally from London, Paula and her family have lived all over the place, France, Kuwait and Beirut, but have been back in London for the past 2 years. When I met her she was with her Mum who I am sure is happy to have them all back in the UK.
What was amazing was although I had never met Paula before we both thought we knew each other from somewhere. Still wondering.



I know this is a case of pot calling kettle black, i don't smile as much as Dvora can testify; but can i just say that Paula could do with a smile, i'm sure she's a nice lady but come on girl, smile.
another thing is those glasses don't suit her face but i gotta say that the bag is bang on trend, 'downsizing' is all the rage with the major houses now. the shoes are cute too plus the pants.

Fashionistable said...

Hey David, I have been wondering what to say in reply as Paula was lovely. But I don't have to as she she has emailed me and in her words says
"I could prpbably do with a smile but hate my teeth!!!!!" Now you know :-) Xxxx

Susie said...

I'd say the lack of smile is more 'mean and moody' than miserable, and there's nothing wrong with that!! Like the whole look, very sharp, but especially ADORE the shoes!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Love her no-nonsense look and the mulberry bag is very cool. Great picture!

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