Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Out and about...middle of the road

From Fashionistable
Some things just fall into place nicely for you. I was walking along the Strand and was thinking I would love to photograph someone on the long island that runs down the middle of it and then I spotted Kerry. Her coat is brilliant. Well actually it is 2 coats. The outer one has no sleeves, the inner is a blazer. Both are from Topshop. When I asked her what her style influence was she told me usually just what she see's and likes. However her sister is a stylist in LA and when she comes home they go shopping. She said that if she didn't go shopping with her sis, then everything she wore would end up being black. Kerry is the editor for BA's Highlife mag and has worked on the mag for the last 4 years. Prior to that she worked for the Independent, the Standard and Glamour. Pretty cool eh. The rest of her look is comprised of Jaeger top, I forgot to ask about her jeans. Brilliant bag from Ferragamo and Russell and Bromley boots.


Old Cow said...

I like her specs!!

Psst, Like hell are you buying a purse from me! Please email me on makemeshiney@gmail.com and we can talk about me sending one your way me deary x


you are so right about that mid strip on the strand. so right.
Kerry on the other hand looks cute especially her glasses and smile.

Fashionistable said...

Ahh 2 comments on Kerry's glasses. I think from memory they are Prada - I kind of remembering noticing. I could be wrong as I didnt ask and wtite it down.
OC - thank you so much. I have emailed you.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Love this picture - so tonal! Today I managed to put on some elephant pictures and your comment about the jewel one naturally had to be mentioned!
Also wanted to say that I really, really enjoy your blog and your pictures and have put you on my 'Daily reads' list. (Naturally I would be delighted if I could get a link on your site, too :-) xx

Amira said...

Love your blog !!!! did I mention this before?

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