Monday, 8 March 2010

Out and about....Norwegian cool

From Fashionistable
Anette and Petter ooze a cool 50's vibe. Anette is living in London and studying drawing and photography. Petter was visiting for the weekend and is a journalist for two publications Bergens Tidende and Norways equivalent to our Big Issue (he said it was called Megafon but I may have written this down incorrectly as I cant find it).
Annette's look is made up with vintage coat and shoes. Flower and bag from Pin up clothing and scarf and hat from H&M.
Petters look comprises a coat by Norwegian designer Johnny Love, jeans by Nudie and completed of course by a pair of DM's.


Old Cow said...

What a stylish couple. Thank you for sharing!

jane smith said...

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