Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Out and about....Bloggers delight

LFW was a bloggers delight this year - I have never met or seen so many before.
Here are the ones I met and in the order I shot them. It felt like a lot of the blogging photographers were behaving like the paparazzi, you know who you are. Next season it would be lovely if you want to photograph someone wait and ask for yourself, please stop muscling in on other peoples shots. A lot of people go to the show's expecting to be photographed if you are nice to them and ask they usually say yes. It is great to get to know them even if they only have the time to give you their name and let you take their picture. If they say no then you should respect their privacy.
From Fashionistable
Celia-Jane was working on The Daily which is the newspaper that is handed out free during the shows, lucky girl. I loved her strippy dress and two tone shoes.
Her blog is so you can check her out.

From Fashionistable
Diane Pernet - here is an unshaded view of blogging royalty
She looks very Spanish to me. I can just imagine her in the old Spanish days sitting by the side of a bullring fan in hand. Today's catwalk is a less bloody affair but no less theatrical. Diane has had and continues to have an amazing career in the fashion world from her days as a designer to her commentary now. She is hugely influencial and respected in the fashion community. Culminating in her own film festival 'A shaded view on fashion film'.

From Fashionistable
Now this girl has wings - it was those shoes that pulled me in to photograph Louise. They are Vivienne Westwood. Although she was on the phone she was OK with me taking her picture. Now strictly speaking she has not started blogging properly yet here is the link for when she is ready

From Fashionistable
This is Wayne Tippetts he is another street style photographer and shoots really lovely pictures. Wayne told me that he has been a reportage photographer for 25 years. This shines out in the quality of his work. He was also very charming and a gentleman. One of the very few others who waited until I had taken my shot before he asked for his turn, very cool.

From Fashionistable
Now I have photographed David before (last season). His smile is infectious and he is very sweet with it. He wasn't blogging last season but is up and running now with the Nyanzi Report. Watch this space. Although he has only started his journey I think he will do very well for himself.

From Fashionistable
My last blogger was JoJo Provatidou from Fox and Squirrel. This is a blog run by JoJo and a friend who are both from the Balkans. Their aim - in their own words 'is to showcase the work of emerging creative talents across London and the Balkans. I think she looks very American to me dressed like this. I would love her cape. I love the colour too.


Old Cow said...

Look at all those super shoes!! The winged ones that Louise wears so well and Celia-janes blue and white flats really catch my eye!


Thanks Dvora.
Kind words.
It was good to see you again.

fox&squirrel said...

Thank you Dvora, you are added on our blog's links.



jane smith said...

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