Monday, 18 January 2010

Out and to India

From Fashionistable
Victoria has a terrific smile. She lives in Ibiza and had just stopped off in London before heading of to India to do a Sparkling Surfaces workshop with Andrew Logan. Then on to Nepal on a buying trip. Victoria is a designer and is till working on her site or I would link you up. She made her own bag and although she did not make her the coat she was wearing (it is by Sophie Mason-Still on the Lancaster Rd, W11 - those sleeves are a great alternative to gloves) said the clothing she makes echos this style. Her hat/head wrap which picks up the colours from her scarf and bag is by La Bonne Renommee.


Style Artisan said...

What an amazing look! I SO want to come to London and just walk around with you. What an inspiring place to be!

Fashionistable said...

You are welcome to join me anytime.

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