Friday, 15 January 2010

Out and about....just off the Kings Rd

From Fashionistable
Kamil and Baby (pronounced Ba Be) look great together. They both work on the Kings Rd.
Kamil is from Poland and is the manager of The Grocer on the Kings Rd which I love. And Baby is from Greece and is the manager of Kiehls. Kamil (on the left) is wearing Balenciaga coat and scarf. His shoes are YSL and his bag is Vivienne Westwood. Baby is wearing a Vivienne Westwood coat, Armani boots and is carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.


Style Artisan said...

I love all black outfits! They both look so incredibly chic.

I am amazed at the stylish people that you find so regularly!

finchleygirl said...

Just found you from exciting that Whetstone is now on the fashion map. Bet none of your photos are North Finchley based. You must have agood eye to spot all these stylish people.

Fashionistable said...

Thanks for your comments ladies.
Style Artisan - I do a lot of walking.....Its averaging out that I am finding about 1 person I like an hour - If I am lucky it's 2.
Welcome Finchley Girl yes we are neighbours. I have considered nipping down to North Finchley several times now and one of these days I will. At least your high street is a bit more buzzy than mine.

Sandra said...

I love their bags!

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