Friday 2 June 2017

Out And About....Annie Johnson

I have decided to post street style more regularly again. When I started shooting street style in August 2009 I only ever shot actual Street Style until I started going to fashion weeks. For a long time it was a mix of the two. Then only fashion week street style.

I felt a bit nervous to be honest hitting the streets. However I had no need to be, as I was rewarded by meeting the very lovely Annie. She is in London on holiday from Darlington, where she works as a dental nurse. She was so happy I had asked to take her photo. I had completely forgotten how happy me doing this made people. It made me very happy in return. There is sooooo much negative press about street style out there that it is easy to forget just how joyful it can be. I (as I have from the beginning) asked Annie to tell me something surprising about herself - When she was 12 she shaved all her hair off. She was very happy with the result, however no one else did, at the time. Ever since then she has always had an undercut in memory of it. To my surprise,  she is called Annie Johnson one of my favourite people shares her name. 

Annie Is Wearing a Ragged Priest Dress With H&M maxi dress below. Muji Socks and Puma by Rihanna Creepers.

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