Thursday 3 November 2016

Focus On Rose Langenbein

I photographed and interviewed Rose in Paris during Paris Fashion Week as part of my Spotlight series. Having first met Rose in Ukraine I was instantly struck by her wonderful sense of style and then, when we got chatting her vivacious energy and love of life.
Rose is the Styling Director at My Theresa and here we shine a spotlight on her and her journey in fashion. She is great, read on and be inspired.

D: Tell me a bit  about yourself and your journey in fashion so far…

R: I am the eldest of four daughters and I have always been different from the rest of my family.
My interest in fashion started early on at the age of 5 years when I told my mother what I wanted to wear. During my school years I worked in boutiques and modelled a bit on the side.
I left my home town when I was 28 years old and started working as a sales assistant in a boutique in Mannheim. After five years I moved to Munich to work as assistant store manager at Prada. I became store manager and left the store after three and a half years to work as shop manager for the Theresa store in Munich. I was responsible for the merchandising and took care of VIP customers which allowed me to travel a lot. In 2008 I took a position in the styling department at and after two years I was promoted to Styling Director.

D: What does the role of a styling director entail and what is your creative process?

R: I am responsible for the presentation and styling of all products on the website. It is my job to ensure that we create a look that appeals to our customers and reflects our designers’ visions while at the same time staying true to the overall look and feel of

D: What is the favourite part of your job?

R: I love to share my experience and know-how with my team and watch them grow in their creativity and their roles. I also really enjoy travelling for different projects, e.g. fashion weeks, where I get inspired by the shows, stores and especially by people I meet with their different personalities and experiences in the fashion industry.

D: Who or what inspires you?

R: I am mainly inspired through travelling – I often travel to Asia, especially India where you always get inspired by colours, old traditional fabrics and arts. I also look to magazines (editorials, photographers and other stylists) and social media for new angles and ideas. And then there certain people whose extraordinary beauty and personality I greatly admire: e.g. Romy Schneider, Ian Curtis and Alexander McQueen.

D: Describe your own personal style…

R: I would describe my style as edgy, mischievous and eclectic but strong – basically my mood dictates my daily styling.

D: Tell me something surprising about yourself.

R: I have never properly learnt to skateboard which is one of the things still on my to-do list – the same goes for surfing!

Rose Langenbein, Styling Director for Fashionistable.
Shot 1 -  Rose is wearing POUSTOVIT X Tago jacket, shirt dress and trousers, Vetements ankle boots and vintage ray ban retrospective.
Shot 2 - Elena Vera dress, teamed with her own converse sneakers.
Shot 3 & 4 - Elena Vera shirt and velvet dress, Vetements boots with bracelet (around boots) from Gabriele Frantzen,  (4)out of the window with sunglasses from Christopher Kane.

Shot 5 - Elena Vera dress and jacket, Celine bag with clutch over the top from Minavatter and a Balenciaga brooch as embelishment, Vans sneakers, Off-White socks and sunglasses with a chain from Saskia Diez.
Shot 6 - Kseniya Schneider tee and denim jacket,  BEVZA skirt, Celine boots and sunnies.


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