Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Out and about....to make a fairy tale come true

....you need a great team around you. And Ulyana certainly has achieved this. Model, Photographer, Street Style star and most of all a wonderful Couture Fashion Designer. When I first photographed Ulyana she was on her own. Then two seasons later Frol was there. Frol is her business partner. Ulyana has always been very calm and centered and is in great demand. So instead of distracting her when she is being so giving with her time I turn to Frol for answers on what she is wearing. But, you know, Frol has the same lovely characteristics and as you can see the camera loves them both.


Nora said...

She really is amazing! I used to think she is one of the best modern vintage muse around, but since she cut her hair I'm even more in love! I have a pixie myself and have always thought that I cannot look as vintage as other girls who can wear their hair in vintage styles! Ulyana is just sooo inspiring - she definitely looks classic and elegant! And gosh now I think I need a thin knitwear to wear under my dress!

Adele said...

Both of them look AMAZING - must be a photographers dream! I would never think to pair the dress with a knit like that but I love it on her!
Happy Wednesday Dvora xoxo

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