Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Out and about....Dorrington St

From Fashionistable
When I first saw Aline apart from seeing her great colourful, patterned trousers I also thought she was French. So it was interesting to find out once we started talking that what I was seeing was her mother in her, as she is 1/2 French from her mothers side. Style wise she likes the effortless chic the French have and she describes her own style as casual, comfortable chic, quite relaxed. Aline is a copywriter for Fab UK her is a link to their site and their blog. She travels every day from Brighton to work in London. Favourite places in London are Leather Lane and Camden and her favourite place in Brighton is the sea. Aline's surprise for us was that she has climbed the 2nd highest mountain in the world K2 in flip flops because her boots were hurting too much. Respect. She is wearing a Topshop top, River Island trousers, sandals she bought in Sydney. The leaf on her necklace was a present from her Mum which she put on a different chain and her bag is from Greece.


Adele said...

Wow! What an amazing achievement. Fab trousers too!
Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo
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Matthew Spade said...

mountain climber and snazzy trouser wearer, good combo

Mani said...

Such an amazing achievement.
I'm in love with her pants! Have to buy something similar for myself :)

Smallblond said...

A warm day again? Wow long summer!!!

Great picture as always !

Dusty Petals said...

She looks perfectly chic! I agree she does look very French. Gorgeous lady!

Unknown said...

A lovely show of blues!!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Hooray for the patterns! But I totally bow down to her mountain climbing style. -- J xx

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