Thursday 27 April 2017

Focus On Sofia Tchkonia

Sofia like most entrepreneurs has many hats, that is what is makes them so interesting. Sofia is the Founder and Creative Director of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, Art and Fashion Foundation and ART Georgia and BeNext contest. Originally from Georgia (the country) she lives and works between Paris and the home of her heart. She embodies the elegance of a Parisienne and the strength of a business woman with kindness. It was great to get to know her better during our shoot and interview. 

D: Fashion, Art and Film, the three loves of your career. How did you get to them and what drove/drives you in this direction.

S: I’ve studied film, I am cinema critic and I’ve studied art. I wanted to become film director but in the 90’s Georgia was criminal, dangerous a completely destroyed country. Young people during that time didn’t have many opportunities to study and make a career. My love for fashion started when I was about 14 years old, through books and magazines. What drove me in this direction? Hard to say, it just evolved. 

D: You live I Paris but your home country of Georgia is the catalyst for everything. Making you a great ambassador for your homeland. A lot of people leave their homeland and never look back. 
What would you say keeps your passion alive for your country of birth?

S: I love my country as I think that Georgia is unique and very rich in culture. To tell you the truth I also wanted to leave and never come back, I had these moments in my life, but it does not matter where you go and where you live, your homeland is the only one, it’s like mother, only one, and if you can do something to make it better place to live, you have to do everything to make it so. Georgia is small but there is so much in it, so many talented people and if I can be a little help to promote it in a good way, show the best of it to the world, I would dedicate my life to it. 

D: What would you say is the most important advice you would give to an up and coming designer?
S: Work hard, its not enough to only dream. 

D: What is your favourite part of your job?
S: The process itself is my favourite part. Working with the designers and seeing the changes. 

D: Who or what inspires you?
S: A lot of things inspire me, books, museums, travelling, film… 

D: Describe your own personal style.
S: Simple. Classical. 

D: How do you relax?
S: I relax with my family, my children. Spending time with my children is the best relaxation.

And Finally 

D: Tell me something surprising about yourself.
S: When I studied in USA at age 14, I played field hockey. It looked really funny.

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