Monday, 12 November 2012

Out and about....Crispin St

From Fashionistable
I would say the location for today's shot is probably one of the most iconic in Spitalfields. It is certainly on of my favourites and it takes a lot not to drag everyone over to this spot to take pictures. It is wonderful that the owners keep the brilliant old painted shop front.
Louie is both a model and a visual merchandiser. When I asked him for his favourite place in London. He said "it must be Shorditch, well at least it the place I spend most of my time". His surprise for us is that he used to play football for Luton. Saying that even he finds that surprising now. I couldn't help asking him to tell me the story behind his magnificent moustache. He grew it 2 years ago for Movember, although he only managed to raise £1 for his efforts back then he has kept it going since.
Louie is wearing a Coat and trousers from French Connection, a shirt he bought in a market in Barcelona, Primark socks and Dr Martin shoes.


Adele said...

Such a distinct look & I love the old shop front!
Happy Monday Hun xoxo

Lauren@Styleseer said...

With that moustache and his intense eyes, he looks like an actor who has just stepped offstage.

SabinePsynopsis said...

It's worth than £1 for sure - it's a beautiful moustache!! xxx

Old Cow said...

My goodness me!! I am in awe of the beard and moustache and the ox-blood loafers!

Mat said...

i can't imagine him running about the footy field

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Absolutely magnificent moustache, and certainly not what I would expect from a football player! He's quite a find. And you are right - that is a wonderful backdrop for photos here. Rather in keeping with his look. - J xxx