Friday, 31 August 2012

Out and about....Bleeding Heart Yard

From Fashionistable
From Fashionistable
Anne is a Research Manager. Originally from Berlin Anne has live in London for the past 2 and a half years. She told me that her style is heavily influenced by her Berlin roots, with its liberalism, vintage and hippy vibe. Anne describes herself as an artist and says she has been so since she stated to walk. This crosses over into the way she dresses saying that she see how she dresses every day as a little piece of art, it is her way of expressing herself. Allowing personal freedom and self fulfillment. I had never thought of fashion in these terms before and it certainly is food for thought. Anne's favourite place in London is Shoreditch and in Berlin is all of East Berlin and especially Kreuzkoeln.
She is wearing at top by Thu Thu who is a friend of hers, a Zara skirt, Office ankle boots and her doctors bag is from her Mum who is a Doctor.


sajuki said...

She is so stylish !

Dusty Petals said...

Wow! I love her attitude towards fashion and her style. She looks like a perfect piece of art in this gorgeous look!

briannelee said...

Love her Dr. bag!!!!

Adele said...

I'm in love with her boots!
Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo
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Sick by Trend said...

She looks great. Beautiful bag!


SabinePsynopsis said...

I think she's got a great and very successful approach to using her clothes as means of freedom and self-fulfillment.


P.S. She probably said her favourite parts in Berlin are Kreuzberg and Neukoelln... (Soooorry for being nitpickedy :)

Mileide Almeida said...

the great look...she is fabulous

Luna Tiger said...

So many beauties in this look ! I love the skirt and the divine shoes above all !

Smallblond said...

Lovely lady with a great outfit !!!

The photographs are fantastic as always !!!!

Love your work and enjoy each and every picture !

tini tani said...

Hi, honey! I really liked your blog, you have great photos! Now, I am your faithful follower! I really hope that you enjoy my blog and you will be my follower!)))) Miss you, kiss!

Old Cow said...

Legend has it that there really was a bleeding heart found here!

Anne looks lovely!