Friday, 30 September 2011

Out and about....3 days with Peony Lim

From Fashionistable
From Fashionistable
From Fashionistable
I first photographed Peony back LFW in February and was lucky enough to get to know her a lot more this time round. She has beautiful personal style and carries herself perfectly. So not surprisingly she is another favourite of the photographers. And even though she was jet lagged from her return from NYFC she was in great form. If you dont know her already you can see her blog here.
What she is wearing - Shot 1, Isolda London skirt, Louboutin shoes, Chanel bag, H7M top, Pure Collection cardy and she bought her scarf in Hong Kong.
Shot 2, Hermes scarf, Zara shirt, JBrand jeans, Manolo shoes and YSL bag.
Shot 3, Jacket Zara, top K by Karl Lagerfeld, trousers Missoni, Celine bag and shoes by Joseph Azoury.

You can view my MFW Vogue shots here. All 39 up there now.


The Photodiarist said...

Divine . . . especially the second photo.

Sick by Trend said...

Love the scarf!!!!!! great outfits!


Have a nice weekend :)

fashion and frank said...

Fabulous shots i have long admired her style - cant wait to see Paris through your eyes - very exciting x

Tanvi said...

What a stunner! :)

♡ from ©

Lauren said...

Beautiful shots of Peony. I especially love her first outfit, with the long scarf hanging over one shoulder. Loved your coverage of MFW for Vogue, too!

The Styleseer

Ashley said...

She has such beautiful facial features and her style is beautiful - I love it!

The I on Fashion

SabinePsynopsis said...

She seems to have been everywhere during fashion weks, but your pictures are especially beautiful - and I quite fancy the Missoni trousers. xxx

sacramento said...

Love the first outfit the best.

Mongs said...

she is gorgeous, and has a fabulous style. Your blog really opened my eyes to so many beautiful people around the world.


Teresa Raquel said...

I love the second look! It's so chic, classic and relaxed at the same time!

With love,
From Portugal

Teresa Raquel said...

I love the second look! It's so chic, classic and relaxed at the same time!

With love,
From Portugal

Teresa Raquel said...

I love the second look! It's so chic, classic and relaxed at the same time!

With love,
From Portugal

Teresa Raquel said...

I love the second look! It's so chic, classic and relaxed at the same time!

With love,
From Portugal

FashionJazz said...

I love her style! I follow her blog too :) Happy Saturday xx

Antonia said...

Oh my, her outfits are amazinf!! Definitely a stylish girl!!!^^



Sasha said...

She is pretty. Love the styling on the last picture and head scarf on the second!

Aya said...

All of these outfits are SO fabulous. Love every single photo! xoxo

Jelisaveta said...

Beautiful photos and outfit! :))

Kel said...

She is absolutely stunning.

Love how naturally stylish she looks.

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

loving leather lashings

Michelle Lee said...

lovely :)

styleeast said...

Super gorgeous shots, so crisp and clear. She looks adorable as ever (and has got me thinking I need those flares in my life!)

Nemee said...

Her first look is my favourite. The skirt looks like a Picasso painting to me. I don't like the headscarf in the second look but that's only because I wouldn't personally wear it. There's a bit too much pattern for me in the third look, however, the white top and blazer definitely help to balance out the look.

Sue said...

Those trousers from the third outfit are to die for!!

I came here through Rosalind's blog!
I really love the pictures you take, the light is wonderful!
I am a bit of a freelance photographer, and I love everything here! you are amazing!!

ediot said...

these are such great shots. thanks for sharing.
you take great shots
hope you're having a wonderful weekend

modniza said...

fab girl! xxx

Soleil St. Fleur said...

Yep, she's a winner! xx from Soleil

Tim Robinson said...


The Annachrist said...

Oh shit, the pants in that last shot are amazeballs

S4SisterStyle said...

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