Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Out and about....Phoenix magazine issue 4

From Fashionistable
From Fashionistable
Hello my lovelies I am back and have had a wonderful holiday. It had been  my intention to blog while I was away but relaxing took over. Sometimes you just have to stop. Before I went on holiday the fourth issue of Phoenix magazine went live with graduate fashion week. Here are the images I took for them. My brief this time had been to photograph people of student age. I hope you like them as much as I did photographing them.

From Fashionistable

Maud Isobel Cooper her style influence is taking what everyone is wearing and evolving it and making it her own, rather than what is on the catwalk. Her favourite places in London are mood dependent, for shopping it is Covent Garden, for relaxing it is Hampstead Heath. Her surprise was that she plays the clarinet.  Her top is H&M, shorts Rocket, shoes Converse and bag Fred Perry.

From Fashionistable

Hey Lim Jung and Doh Lee are both from Korea and have been together for 2 years. Hey Lim is studying illustration and Doh graduated from LCF last year. They both like Brick Lane, but Hey Lim also likes Covent Garden and Doh London Fields. Hey Lim wears a vintage headscarf and glasses, a shirt from Korea, dress from H&M a YSL ring and is carrying a Marni bag. Doh’s hat is from Urban Outfitters, glasses are Victor and Rolf, the shirt is vintage, T is DSquared and shorts are Topman.

From Fashionistable

Mikhal Stuurman is a music student and self-confessed geek. The instruments he studies are the organ and oboe which he says makes him a definite geek. For style he likes to mix colour with formal wear. He says he can see himself as an Italian 50 years ago on a Vespa. He loves Brick Lane on a Sunday morning, everyone is beautiful, happy and care free. His hat, shirt and shoes are from Topman, the waistcoat is his dad’s from the 1970’s, the trousers are Cerruti and his watch is D&G.

From Fashionistable

Catlin Devereaux Evans style influences are fashion magazines and Alexa Chung. Her favourite place in London is Crouch End. She lived in South Africa until she was 4. She is wearing a jack from Zara, her dad’s old running T. Her shorts are from a trip to the US, shoes are Hush Puppies and bag is from a vintage shop in Cambridge.

From Fashionistable

Katie Collins was in London from Manchester visiting friends. Her favourite place in London is Covent Garden in Manchester it is the Northern Quarter, she also loves the vintage shops there. Her surprising thing was that she collects socks. Her socks in the shot are from H&M, tights are New Look, she bought her DM’s on EBay, the shirt is Primark and the skirt vintage.

From Fashionistable

Kaja Hengstenberg is from Germany she is a student and a blogger. Her blog is LaFillePorceliaine
She loves to sing and used to sing in school musicals. Her boyfriend also told me that she loves to eat. She said her favourite foods were sushi and cupcakes. Portobello market is her favourite place in London. Style influence is how people dress in London. Her dress is from Portobello Market, bag is Topshop and shoes are Goertz.

From Fashionistable

Stevieray Latham sounds like a rock star but was in London for interviews for art school. He has applied to Chelsea, Goldsmiths and Middlesex. His favourite artists are Duchamp and Susan Hiller and
favourite period for art is the late 19th century. He says that his surprising thing is that he is a surfer but not that surprising as he is from Devon. He told me his clothing is mostly hand me downs. His coat is Reiss, trousers are Vans, shirt Hilfiger and JShoes (which he wouldn’t recommend as they have worn through already and are only a couple of months old).

From Fashionistable

Nittha Chitikil (known as Aimne) is a fashion-marketing student in Nottingham. Her surprising thing was that she has 120 pairs of shoes. She loves shoes. Especially Brogues. She prefers flats as she is tall and feels more confident in them. Favourite place in London is Notting Hill, favourite place in Nottingham is the Uni “it is the coolest place in town”. Her jacket and top are Topshop, skirt  and small bag are H&M, large bag is Longchamps and shoes are from Office.

From Fashionistable

Colin Jackson-Reid and Elly Howell have been together for 4 years and met through friends. Colin’s style influence is Mod with their drainpipes/skinny jeans. Ellys is the 1950’s, look books and Grazia. Colin loves nature and is going to get a tree tattooed on his leg with the roots going into his heel. Elly is a good singer and is also a photographer. Colin is wearing Topman sweater and jeans, shoes from Carnaby St (which Elly doesn’t like, the shoes that is). Elly is wearing a Topshop dress, Primark shoes and socks and is carrying a bag from a “cool vintage shop in Harlow”.


the nyanzi report said...

Hey, great to have you back!

Plami said...

The images are great! Everyone looks so very stylish! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me!


Tassos P said...

Great choices dear, I love London styling, it's my favourite.

Old Cow said...

I have missed you!!! Welcome back.

Off with a BANG i see? I love the images and think you have inspired us all today x

fashion and frank said...

Amazing shots - love the back stories always - London is certainly doing it at the mo x

Penny Dreadful said...

Nice to have you back, hope you had a great hol! Superb photos as always, I love the Korean couple x

My Styleadvisor said...

Good to hear you had a lovely holiday! Brilliant shots, I especially like the budding art student.

sacramento said...

So glad to have you back my dear friend.I am going to have a 4 weeks break, too. it is essencial in order to come back with recharged batteries, hehehehehehe.
Lving Hey Lim Jung and Doh Lee so much.
Thank you for your inspiration, my friend

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Welcome back - we missed you! I love these young people you found. Favorite style I'd wear in heart beat: Kaja's Portobello look. Good to have you back xxx

Tanvi said...

Welcome Back! Great eye as always!

♡ from ©

S.P. said...

Glad you're back. I love Maude Isobel Cooper's style, does she model?
strut mode

Claire said...

love it!

Enter to WIN a bag worth $275.00 visit my blog! :)
and please help spread the word!

Have a great day!

Mani said...

They are all fabulous and fashionable!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

Mat said...

well done on getting the feature, it all looks grand. the korea couple are well cool

Soleil St. Fleur said...

I cannot pick just one that I relate to. I geniuinely admire all of the photos and find something striking in each. Well done and congrats on this beautiful editorial! xx from Soleil

SabinePsynopsis said...

They are so glad to have you, Dvora - great pictures! I'm sure having taken a proper break was important and provides you with enough energy for new blogging endeauvours!

I'm happy you're back! xxx

fashion bucket. said...

I really like Katie Collins style. She pulls this off so nicely and remains looking feminine.

-fb X

Anonymous said...

Wow congratulations!! I adore every single look, especially Katie's, Hey Lim's and Maud's!


Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Fabulous pictures! I love them all but Maud and Katie are my favourite xx

.Porcelaine. said...

I just recognized that post, thank you very much :)

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