Thursday, 22 July 2010

Out and about....well spotted

From Fashionistable
Estelle is from the South of France, well I have blogged about 3 people going there over the past month now we have someone who is here from there. Estelle was a model for 6 years and is now a personal shopper and an assistant for designer Salvatore Rullo, and loves living in London. She came for the weekend and stayed. For her own style choices she likes to mix cheaper items with expensive. Trends don't matter to her, she likes to be individual and doesn't follow fashion. Today Estelle's waistcoat and T belongs to her boyfriend. Her Hamsa (hand) necklace and rings are from Morocco. Her other necklaces are from all over the place. The shorts and bag are from Topshop, boots are New Look and glasses are H&M.
It is my wedding anniversary tomorrow and Mr Fashionistable and I are breaking free for the day. So I bid you all adieu until the other side of the weekend. Have a good one. Xxxx


Biana said...

Wow, she looks hot. And pretty too! Those boots are awesome.

Happy anniversary, dear! I hope you have a great weekend! xxx


very very pretty indeed.
She executes this look very well especially the part that involves raiding the boyfriend's wadrope.

Happy anniversary.

She Wore It Well said...

happy anniversary darling xoxo

SabinePsynopsis said...

She doesn't need to follow fashion because she's got great style herself.

Hope you have a lovely, lovely day tomorrow with 'the Mr' (as they say in England, I'm finding this still a weird expression)! xxx

Tali. said...

happy anniversary!!! have a great day, this girls a beaut xxx

Carly said...

Thanks for your comment. I hope my post wasn't too long, did you give up half way through. If you know any stylists I'd really appreciate you putting me in touch with them or if your free to work on any ideas together it'd be really great.

I really like Estelles boots and all of the layered jewellery. I hope you've had great weekend with Mr Fashionistable.

Ans said...

Love this stylish girl!!!!

Estelle Pigault said...

Hey Dvora ,
thx u for the picture and the article :) I had forgotten to mention you hat Ive got a blog :



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