Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Out and about....five star

From Fashionistable
Anita was having a well deserved 2 day rest all to herself. She said it was like having a 5 star holiday. She is a public health doctor and mother of 3 (aged 3, 4 and 5) so now you can understand where she is coming from. Her mum had the kids for the 2 days. She is in amazing shape to have 3 children so young. She told me that after the youngest was born she made a conscious decision to get into shape. Running is her fitness passion. She loves to run half marathons and has put in of next years London marathon, for the challenge.
I love her jumpsuit, it is from Karen Millen. She says it is very easy to wear. The rest of Anita's outfit is put together with shoes from Episode, glasses from M&S and bag from River Island. When I met Anita she had just been shopping for new make-up at Becca.



The denim jumpsuit looks great.
I'm begining to see a denim trend coming on.
It's popping up everywhere in the designer collections and now on the high street.
She's in great shape for a mum of three.
Kudos to her.

Couture said...

GREAT outfit! Just love it!

Old Cow said...

mother of 3??

nooooo waaaaaay

she looks fab!

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