Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Out and about....A tale of 2 tailors - part 2

From Fashionistable
From Fashionistable
So here is Dominic the 2nd of my tailors. He is Italian, originally from Calabria and has been a tailor for 50 years. Dominic trained in Italy then moved and worked in Switzerland and Paris before moving to London. Over the years he has worked for Lanvin, Nina Ricci and Dior. He has been working at Haywards for the past 8 years. He said London is the world. His favourite time in London was the 60's. Dominic's inspiration for his tailoring is to be the best, to make the best suit. In life his inspirations are the arts, traveling, good food and a bit of Scotch now and again. He made the suit he is wearing. The red sweater is from Haywards, his shoes are Italian and his tie was bought in shop called Lords in Burlington Arcade in the 60's.



'Dapper Dom' has got that "your talking to me?" expression on his face.
I like his attitude and he does that suit so much justice.
I like this series about the men behind the scenes.
Great shots as always.

Old Cow said...

I want to dress like him!

SabinePsynopsis said...

For men it's so much more about the little, subtle things, I think. The red sweater combined with the paisley tie (from the 60s!), the perfect length of the arms and the immaculate cut. What a gentleman!

Clare said...

How dapper! Love your tailor posts :)

tweet tweet tweet


Style, She Wrote said...

He has such great style -- and confidence! Great spotlight and blog. We're now following. xo

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