Thursday, 8 April 2010

Out and on

From Fashionistable
Some days are easier than others. When the sun is shining and everyone is happy that is a good day. Mind you some days you have this but your camera lets you down....this was one of those days. I was still lucky to get some shots of Renate before my camera decided that was enough. I found out later it was just a camera numbering thing and was easily rectified thank goodness I had reached 9999 and had to reset the internal numbering system. Which was easier than it sounds.
Renate is from South Africa but has been living in the UK for 10 years now. She is studying to be a make-up artist at the London College of Beauty Therapy. I love her monochrome look and her red hair.
Her dress and bag were bought in Hong Kong on a visit to see her Dad who lives out there. Her hair was coloured by Monica at Corner Cuts in Shepherds Bush.


Clare said...

Lovely look, so into polka dots right now.

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Old Cow said...

There is something about polka dots that is instantly smile making!

About the whitening masks.... Tis a strange fixation that they have in the far east, whitening skincare is BIG business. So many aspire to have pale as the moon skin (think Ukiyo-e prints). In all honestly the masks dont whiten, they just brighten the complexion for about 10 minutes. Hahaha! It's just a soothing way to brighten my sullen mug once in a while esp after I suffer break-outs!

Anonymous said...

The spots, i love it:)

X Factory Girl

Tali. said...

lol the co ordination of the dog was not intentional, he's just perfectly suited to me like that:) lol, we match in a few other posts too. Thanks for popping by! xxx

Clare said...

Thanks for the sweet comment!

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She Wore It Well said...

love her hair!

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