Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Out and about...flying the flag

From Fashionistable
Now that the season has changed I am loving taking pictures again....well actually I always love taking pictures but the change of light makes is so much more fun. Mirka is an investment banker. She came to the UK from Poznan in Poland in 2003. Her camel coloured leather jacket caught my eye, it and her glasses are Cavalli, she also had on an inner jacket which was vintage Armani. The jeans she is wearing are from G-Star. Mirka's boots are by Sergio Rossi and finally her bag is Prada.


Clare said...

I like the angle she's standing at, looks like she's just about to cross the road but you've stopped her!

tweet tweet tweet


Valeria said...

You're so right about the light, i had the same feeling when the sun finally came out, great shoot!

kalopsia said...

This coordinate is A++++ from head to toe. Effortless and chic, love it!

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Couture said...

Her jacket is so beautiful!

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