Monday, 12 April 2010

Out and about....10

From Fashionistable

From Fashionistable
I saw Tereza step out of a doorway and quickly nip out of the way of pavement traffic to answer a text - it was her hair and a flash of her bright white shirt that caught my attention. Tereza is originally Sudanese but has lived in London since she was 6 when her and her family fled from the conflict unfolding there in the 80's. However as it has had relative peace (....yet remains volatile) since 2007 and will have independance in 2011, her family are talking about going back. Tereza has been marrying her love of fashion with a course on Fashion Communication with Promotion at St Martins and Fashion Assisting for 10 magazine. When I met her she was in the middle of doing returns. Her wish is to open doors for fashion in the Sudan. I wish her every success she is taking on a big challenge.  The cool broach/necklace in the middle of her white shirt was created by Tereza from a piece she picked up from haberdashery. Her jacket is Valentino.  Scarf Max Mara. The cool white shirt is by Muji. Her boots are from Burberry and her bag is Mango. When I said I loved her hair she said more people should wear it natural. When it looks as good as this I have to say I totally agree.


Clare said...

She is amazing... I really love your blog, it's so nice to hear the story behind the style.

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M said...

great pics, she rocks that hair!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Gorgeous! All the best for her dreams!

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