Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Out and about....in great health

From Fashionistable
So when I am out and about I also go shopping and was in Harrods to pick up a little something for Mr Fashionistable when I saw Helen about to leave so I postponed my shopping to follow her.
Helen is a Health Economist from Cape Town and after a skiing trip in Switzerland was on a whirlwind day trip in London before heading back home to South Africa. So I was lucky to meet her.
It was her wonderful green Chloe coat which caught my attention. I love the way she has used the earthy tones of the rest of her outfit to accentuate the coat. Then picking it all up again with her green earrings.


Carly said...

Great job catching her. She looks great especially with the famous green backdrop of Harrods.

Thanks for your lovely comment, I'll keep you posted from Vogue come October.

Carly x x

Style Artisan said...

I am seriously loving this shot. The colors of Harrods in the background are perfect with her outfit!

But you already knew that, right?

Fashionistable said...

To be honset ladies I took Helen across the road because the light was better. However it did cross my mind when I was shooting that the green awnings being out was a happy coincidence. Gald you like the shot. Xxxx

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