Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Out and about....girls day out

From Fashionistable
Like Mother, like daughter. Isn't it great when you get on so well you share the same interests and obvious love of fashion. Rita and Ellie are from Limassol in Cyprus. Ellie is studying History of Photography and Art at Canterbury University of Kent and is in her 2nd year. Canterbury is a beautiful part of the country. It must be lovely to study there. Rita owns her own travel agency in Limassol Mesogios travel. She told me Mesogios means Mediterranean and is here in the UK for the week visiting Ellie. So what are these ladies wearing? Rita has on a Barbara i Gongini coat. Her trousers are by High but I cannot find them for you and her boots are by Penny Black. Ellie is wearing 2 coats. The outer one is Commes des Garcons, the inner and her trousers are by Hache and her boots are Marsell.

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Excellent shot!
I love love love the all-black look.
You can't go wrong with black.

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