Friday, 26 March 2010

Out and about....DeWolfe

From Fashionistable
From Fashionistable
Meet the enigmatic Mr DeWolfe. When I first asked Daniel if I could take his picture I thought he was saying no. But actually he wanted to hear more. He was on a quest to get to the pub so I walked with him. It turned out that he was happy I had asked to take his picture rather than just taking and not asking, he says the latter happens all the time. While we were walking I asked him what was the inspiration for his look, he told me his parents had been artists so he figured it came from them. So after we shot and the pictures and he drank his beer and smoked his cigar he told me his story. Daniel has had his own varied career in the arts. When he was in this teens he was in music. He told me a couple of stories from then, he played with Bob Dylan in Sweden once and just missed out playing percussion with Chuck Berry. And he saw the Rolling Stones for the first time at their second ever gig. Then he spent 30 years in the movie business as a 1st assistant director. Now it is back to music, he is a singer and instrumentalist. He says all he wants to do is play old rock and the blues and is in the midst of putting a band together which will be called Mama Dont Allow. He has a great sense of himself and his own personal style. It is indeed an art itself to be able to put your look together with such aplomb. His hat is a Herbert Johnson Hornet. He bought the outter black velvet jacket from Harrods in 1972, goes to prove quality counts. The inner claret coloured velvet jacket is a smoking jacket. His jeans of choice are Levis. His boots which he has hand painted himself are from RSoles. I forgot to ask him about his cane - looks like a parrot head on the top. I did ask him about his chains and neck wear. In amongst there is a 44 magnum bullet casing which is actually a cigar cutter. The larger of the 2 fringed bags is his mojo. The smaller is a buffalo medicine bag which holds all the stones for the chakras.  The silver disc is a very old kabbalah symbol (nothing to do with Madonna). And finally the skull - he told me this was a reminder of the future.



I love this post!
Home run.
Well done.

Clare said...

He's a little bit amazing...

tweet tweet tweet


Old Cow said...

What style!!! WHAT STYLE!! If you told me he could do real magic....I would believe you!

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