Monday, 1 March 2010

Out and about....Belfast, Royal Avenue

From Fashionistable
Ciaran is a real character. He couldn't quite get over that I had asked to take his picture. In fact I really thought right until the last moment he was going to say no. I think he thought I was pulling his leg. At the moment he is a journalism student in Banbridge. He said he was interested in fashion journalism. Like most students his look is a mixture of high st, designer and vintage. Paul Smith jeans, inner jacket I think he said Topman, outer jacket vintage. Scarf French Connection, hat Marks and Spencer and his shoes are Hush Puppies. He told me about his rings first, the chunky one is from Burton and the finer one is from Gucci.


mAdi*cakes said...

he looks really cool i like his shoes and scarf.


Great shot, great pause, great styling.
I like it that you write a bit of background about the shots.
Well excecuted.

jane smith said...

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