Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Out and about....outside the Royal Court Theatre

From Fashionistable
Alice is English and is an actress - it was just serendipity that she was sitting outside the Royal Court Theatre when I swa her with her friends. In contrast to my trip to Israel, she has just come back from filming in Gaza on a film which is still in production called Picnic in Gaza by PVK pictures.
Alice's contrasting green wrap and royal blue ankle boots grabbed my attention. She bought her wrap in Peru and is made from Alpaca wool. And her boots are from Urban Outfitters.


Style Artisan said...

What delicious colors! I especially love that shade of green. Bet it's nice to be back home in fashionable London!

Fashionistable said...

Hey Style Atrisan, Just seen your comment. You were reading my mind - see today's post(4th Feb.) Xxx

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