Friday, 19 February 2010

Out and about....mother of mine

From Fashionistable
Here is the reason for my trip to Belfast. My mum. It was her birthday. Her 70th. She looks amazing. We cant believe she is 70 already. Mind you neither can she. Mum has always been stylish. I have very early memories of her all dressed up and ready to go out for the night coming in to kiss me goodnight before her and dad headed out, wearing sparkly dresses, hair dressed and up, fab make up and I remember orange earrings for some reason. I also remember a story where her and dad were going out to a dinner dance and mum wore a pant suit with gold top and white trousers. The guys on the door wouldn't let her in because she was wearing trousers..... Luckily the top was on the long side (mini dress length) so she went back to the car took off the trousers and carried on with the night. I always loved this story.
The bag she is carrying is also steeped in memory - for all of us it is the memory of another similar bag she had, had which we all loved. It was so loved I think it fell apart over the years but was missed by us all (I have 3 sisters). Mum found this replacement recently in a vintage shop and I have to say I am envious. I want one. It reminds me of a poem I read once by Ruth Fainlight  called Handbag - or the other way round actually the poem reminded me of the bag when I first read it on the London underground. Here it for you all to enjoy too -
"My mother's old leather handbag,
crowded with letters she carried
all through the war. The smell
of my mother's handbag: mints
and liptsick and Coty powder.
The look of those letters, softened
and worn at the edges, opened,
read, and refolded so often.
Letters from my father. Odour
of leather and powder, which ever
since then has meant womanliness,
and love, and anguish, and war."

Happy Birthday Mum. Love you xxxx


Style Artisan said...

Your mum is one fantastic woman. I love the story about removing her pants and continuing with her evening. That is awesome!

It was odd as I read that poem, because I was suddenly overcome with the memory of the smell of my mom's handbag. I hadn't been reminded of that in years and years, but it burst forth just now. The smell was also a combination of the contents, and I don't even know what those would be. But it was a happy memory, and another way that I can remind myself of her, since she passed away three years ago.

Thanks for sharing your memories and the poem, which conjured up my own happy memories. And wish your mom a very Happy Birthday from me!

Make Do Style said...

Lovely photo and accolade x

Moda de Colores said...

Hi, i´ve just found your blog, is nice and your mother too!

Kristin said...

Your Mama is tres chic! That powder always reminds me of my Nana. Never fails to put a smile on my face!

That's Not My Age said...

She looks lovely - and dare I say that your hair is blonde/longer you look a lot like her. Which is a real complement.

Ines said...

Thank you for sharing- you mum looks amazing!!

Fashionistable said...

Wow everyone thank you so much for your lovely comments. Mum will love this. Xxx

Amira said...

Dear Sylvia looks amazing and I have enjoyed your stories.
Love you all.

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