Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Out and about....people watching

From Fashionistable
Olivia is a Anthropology and Sociology student at Durham Uni. Her hat is, well its not a hat exactly I don't know what to call it a head wrap that you pull on? It looks like a hat but it has no top part - anyone out there know what its called? Looks great whatever we call it. She bought it from Fenwick.
I love how she has belted her Joseph coat nice and tightly against the cold. Her bag is a Luella. Finally those fab boots are from Venise.


Style Artisan said...

I love black and brown together. It is such a sophisticated combination.

I have no idea what those head wraps are called. I've seen them before and think they are quite striking!

Emilie said...

Love her style!

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