Thursday, 21 January 2010

Out and about....classic look

From Fashionistable

From Fashionistable

From Fashionistable
I could see Jonathan across the road and walking at speed in front of me. The white hat with the black suit had caught my attention. I was was wearing a tight straight skirt and was thinking even if I run I will never catch up with this guy. Then as luck would have it the pavement was up on his side of the road was up and he had to wait for traffic so he could cross which gave me the time I needed to catch up. Dressed like this Jonathan has a classic Hollywood 40's 50's look about him. So it wasnt too surprising to find out that he is a model with Storm. I he looked so couldnt resist sharing more than one shot with you today.

1 comment:

Style Artisan said...

I will never object to seeing more than one picture from you! You are such a great photographer.

Love his classic style.

That was a funny visual of you in a straight skirt trying desparately to catch up with him!

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