Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Out and about....classic couple

From Fashionistable
I do admire people who can do vintage well and I am sure you will agree Hadley and Chiko are two such people. The 40's is their favourite period and they met at a 40's style evening. Hadley is a beautiful English rose, she looks so delicate and I love the red cue's in her look. Chiko is Israeli and has been living here for 10 years which he says has passed very quickly. It is amazing he is the 1st Israeli I have photographed and just before I head off there myself. Look out soon for shots from my trip. I like the way Chiko wears his hat nonchalantly to the side. Hadley is and a fashion designer and Chiko is a photographer. They are both working on their websites at the moment when they are ready I will blog them again and give you all the links.


That's Not My Age said...

They look gorgeous! Vintage can be a bit tricky but this couple manage to pull it off with style.

Style Artisan said...

They look so perfect together! What a stylish couple.

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