Monday, 16 November 2009

Out and about....Amsterdam, wild child

From Fashionistable
Now I am not usually out and about when it is dark, but the nights are coming in so fast and I was in no rush back to the hotel on this occasion. Myself and Mr Fashionistable spotted Noelle just going into a shop. I decided to wait. I was not the only one. She had one girlfriend and a small crowd of guys waiting for her too. Noelle had an amazing aura about her she said she never let anyone photographer her not even her Dutch countrymen. I guess my Celtic charm won her over. Whatever it was, when she got into the spirit of the shoot she let go, grabbing extra props with her as she went. You cant see them here as this was my favourite shot of her as it portrays how I saw her first, but she had grabbed a bunch of flowers from outside the shop and then a door opened behind her and a guy stepped out to walk his dog who she commendered for her shot. After a couple of frames she was off into the bustling Amsterdam night.

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