Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Focus On Katrina Macpherson

Our Inspirational Woman this week is Founder and Owner of In+Addition. I have photographed Katrina quite a few times over the years but usually in her office with her team around her. For the first time she was was relaxed during the shoot and we had a lot of fun (well I did anyway :)) Katrina is a Brand and Communications Strategist which allows her to merge her love of business and fashion. Here is her story - 

D: Tell me a bit about yourself and your journey in fashion so far.

K: I’ve always had a strong interest in business, even from a young age. My favourite game as a child was pretending I had an office, answering calls, taking meetings - I liked to be busy! As I grew older, I realised I also had a creative side, and whilst I wasn’t particular artistic myself, I loved cultivating ideas, I appreciated good design and had an acute sense of aesthetic. Fashion, and more concretely the business of fashion, brought these two worlds together for me. I love how they interact and how dynamic the industry is. I set up my consultancy “IN+ADDITION” after working at Vogue Spain, Louis Vuitton, British Fashion Council and Harrods to cater to luxury brands and projects that require 360 degree expertise across Branding, Marketing and Communications

D: What made you decide to set up your own business?

K: I always thought I would have my own business, however IN+ADDITION actually happened almost by accident initially. I had started consulting for a start up after Harrods thinking I would work for them full-time once they were funded, but in the meantime, I had many people and opportunities present themselves to me and before I knew it, I needed an office, a team and a limited company etc in order to fulfil the work coming through. 

D: I have read you can speak five and a half languages. Do you think being multilingual has helped you in business?

K: Almost certainly! I’m in the business of communication and being able to communicate in the likes of Spanish, French and Italian has been so helpful and particularly relevant. Understanding how people think via language is a whole psychology in itself. It’s interesting that now there seems to be a bit of a spotlight on Poland in the fashion world, I’m hoping I might be able to practice my Polish, which I learnt from my mother. I so wish I could speak Arabic and Chinese - maybe one day

D: Who or what inspires you?

K: People. My team, my clients, our extended collaborators. Chemistry is so important in making the magic happen. 

I am also inspired by the international side of fashion. I like discovering new places and designers; connecting and bridging countries and/or continents with the work that we do. 

D: Describe your own personal style.

K: I’m not sure if I have a personal style per se! I tend to adapt my style depending on my mood, where I am, what I am doing and who I’m with. I love to support our clients and independent designers and don’t tend to buy superbrands other than accessories here and there. 
I do most of my retail shopping at The Shop at Bluebird - call me bias but they have the best buy in London

D: You travel a lot both for work and for fun. Where is your favourite place?

K: That’s an impossible one to answer! I love travelling for work and fun, ideally combing the two together. I think there’s always something interesting to see and learn wherever you go. Highlights have included Sao Paolo, LA, Mumbai, Tulum, Dubai and Cape Town


D: Tell me something surprising about yourself.

K: I obsessed with ice cream and my dog Chilli (@chillithepomsky). I won a Maths scholarship when I was 11. If my career doesn’t work out in fashion, I will most likely become a spy as I’m a good shot and my languages will come in handy - watch out everyone ;)

Credits - 
Shot 1 & 5

Wrap Jacket - Forte Forte 
Choker - Monica Sordo 
Pants - Zara 
Sandals - Zeus + Dione 

Shot 2
Top - Helmut Lang 
Skirt - Marni 
Choker - Monica Sordo 
Shoes - Rupert Sanderson 

Shot 3
Robe - For Restless Sleepers 
Silk Top - Anine Bing 
Earrings - Katerina Makriyianni 
Jeans - Zara 
Shoes - Dorateymur 

Shot 4
Shirt Dress - Racil 
Earrings - Vanda Jacintho 
Belt - Anine Bing 
Shoes - Le Monde Beryl 


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