Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Focus On Olga Yanul

When I first met Olga she was wearing my favourite Frame suit so I just had to photograph her and so our friendship began

D: Tell me a bit about yourself and your journey in fashion so far.

O: I studied Economics, but was always in love with fashion and magazines in particular. If you ask my Mum she will mention my school newspaper. It was not about fashion but (believe it or not) it was about music and nature. However I made it myself with my own hands and a very old computer. Then I tried to sell it to my school friends. It made me realize very quickly that I cannot do the things I don’t like. It had to be fashion and the creative industry.

D: Your bio says you are a visual artist, fashion editor, stylist. Tell us who you work for/with and what your multi faceted jobs entail.

O: I was recently appointed Fashion Director of L’Officiel Ukraine. They have been around for a long time. I am looking forward to shaking things up and aim to change the visual politics and strategy and be more current. Before that I worked for Vogue Ukraine for 4 years, which was great but I was ready for change. Currently I am relocating to NYC which is allowing me to work with other titles too like Vogue Mexico and Interview USA.
Ideally, I would like to continue my work, but with a more artistic emphasis. The dream is to continue building myself up as a visual artist alongside the creation of more installations, performances and art objects and to conquer the art world.

D: What is your favourite part of your job?

O: I love every single step. From the idea and trend watching. To building communication with my team. And discussing the moodboard in particular.

D: Who or what inspires you?

O: Everything around me. I believe everyone we meet and everything we see is given with a purpose. If we don’t act on the influence now we do so at a later date.

D: Describe your own personal style.

O: It changes all the time. I like to be open and see what I feel. I like to experiment too. It is great I have this job, means I always have excuse to try everything.


D: Tell me something surprising about yourself.

O: Well, I was supposed to have a PHD in Economics. I passed all the exams and had almost finished my paperwork. However my work and career stepped in and I had to stop one path suddenly as the other took over.
I would still like to go back to Uni but this time to study Arts.

Olga is wearing
Shot 1 Studio Nebo suit
Shot 2 Theo shirt and belt
Shot 3 Daria Y Maria leather jacket (on seat). Sayya Skirt.
Shot 4 Diphylleia dress

Straight after this shoot we shot an editorial together. Images glimpsed at the end of this link

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