Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Out and About....Spotlight On Female StreetStyle Photographers

For years during the fashion weeks and months I have watched the same guys being interviewed and promoted over and over. Yet there is a whole army of female photographers who work just as hard and as long as the guys who go largely unnoticed. It came to a head for me when outside MiuMiu last February when this was happening again. So I counted the women and there were more of us than the guys. Just because we dress practically, like the guys so we can do our job (just try shooting StreetStyle for 8 hours in the cold and wet in heels and light clothing. Dressing up is for the lovely people we are photographing going to the shows who get to go into the warmth of the shows or their cars after spending a few moments with us). It doesn't mean we aren't there.
So I decided to show you some of the wonderful creative women who make StreetStyle a reality. This is not us all by any stretch. Some were MIA. So depending on how this post is received I may continue the project next season and show you more.
1st row left to right - 
Valentina Frugiele from @fwstreetstyle, Lena Jurgensen, Josefina Andres from @josefinaandres and Louise Veng from @louiseveng
2nd row left to right -
Devon from @fashioncommandpost, Alexandra Chalaud from @alex and the waves, Kirstin Sinclair from @kirstinsinclair, Marcy Swingle from @gastrochic and ChiaraMarinaGrioni from @chiaraobscura
3rd row left to right -
Yu Yang from @beforeeesunrise, AnnaStokland from @annastockland, Carola De Armas from @caroladearmas, Xandra M Linsin from @allez_xandra and Victoria Adamson from @vickiphoto
4th row left to right -
Sophie Vanveen from @vanvain, Melodie Jeng from @melodyjeng, Megan Jillyn from @mjjmerk Nicole Comeau from @theionfashion and Sandra Semburg from @sandrasemberg

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Unknown said...

This is why we love you! How generous and kind you are to promote your peers. Not everyone has the good heart to do that. xx

This post could not have come at a more timely moment - in light of the ghastly comments certain me are making on the tennis courts! Each and everyone of these ladies deserve recognition.

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