Friday, 8 November 2013

Out and about....print clashtical

OK, OK I know clashtical is not a word, but then neither was Fashionistable until I made it up. Guess I am channeling my inner Nicole Scherznger this morning.
These fantastic printed ladies are all bloggers from South America strutting their stuff on the streets of Milan. I admit when I first saw them together my first thought was ohh too much. Then it was hell no I love it go get them.
From left to right we have Nicole Pinheiro, Thassia Naves and Marilia Queiroz. I have linked their names so you can check them out.


That's Not My Age said...


Unknown said...

Amazing mix of prints

Adele said...

You were so right to go get that shot, the print mix is AMAZING!
Have a fabulous weekend Dvora xoxo

Unknown said...

nice one :)


Coline ♡

Monica Lopez said...

nice post!!!

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