Wednesday 30 October 2013

Out and about....sun stripes

During the fashion weeks when familiar faces are not around you wonder why. This was the case with Camille. Now I could see on Instagram that she was in NYC but I just wasn't seeing her. We eventually met up on my last day there. She had been ill poor thing and this was her first venture out. The stresses of huge personal upheaval had taken their toll and sometimes even if it is fashion week you just have to stop. It was great to see her looking so good. I called this post sun stripes because the reflection in her glasses almost looks like the Japanese flag. Camille is a social media/fashion journalist at Matches and blogger. She is wearing a Sportmax jacket, Acne t-shirt, Joseph trousers, with Celine shoes and bag.


Unknown said...

perfect outfit


Coline ♡

The Foolish Aesthete said...

She looks gorgeous. Those Japanese imperial sun rays are a hoot! Hard to imagine they were simply reflecting the street. - J xx

Anonymous said...

perfect outfit!!!

kisses from Spain

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Smallblond said...

Beautiful pictures,
Interesting fashion
and a story to go with them.
Adore your work, always.

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