Friday 19 April 2013

Out and about....Tweed Run 2013 Vintage Rascal

Vintage Racsal turned up and did a fashion shoot while everyone was gathering for the run. They asked us not to take pictures but they had just walked four handsome men into the mix. What was a girl to do.
I am moving home today. Of all the services that I have moved across to the new house the only one that has been problematic is British Telecom. They say moving is stressful. I would say my biggest stress has been with them. Because of them I don't know when I will be able to post next. So please bear with me during this interruption to service.


Unknown said...

wow, i've got to find more men in tweed! x

sajuki said...

so stylish !

Matthew Spade said...

all in a days work, few sneaky shots can't hurt can it. best of luck on the move

thankfifi said...

love your sneaky shots and hope you got moved in ok.x


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Dear Dvora, best of luck with the house move! You took such beautiful portraits of these dashing gentlemen! And I've just seen your coverage of The Vogue festical on and I hope you're having a good time! Caterina

Unknown said...

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