Friday 29 March 2013

Out and about....a unique way to monetize your site now

Valentina Siragusa

Tiffany Hsu

Maria Di Mitrova

Kate French

Rebecca Corbin-Murry

 Nausheen Shah

Susannah Erskine

Emily Hwang

Meruyert Ibragim

Margarita Zubatova

....let me tell you how. I recently came across a wonderful new application created by Tag Media. Tag Media are a business to business platform that will connect you with fashion retailers and brands. To join in first of all you have to join in at Then through their neat technology you will be able to link (TAG) what you are wearing or have shot street style like me, to a huge directory of garments with luxury retailers such as Net-a-Porter, My-Wardrobe and Browns or high street giants such as Forever 21, ASOS and Topshop. Or you can mix it up and TAG what alternatives are available from both. Totally up to you. Each image you TAG will have a little shopping cart appear in the top left hand corner which will alert your readers to the fact that they can shop the look. As you can see if you scroll back up my images. If you then roll your cursor over the images you can see how they are tagged. Your tagged images will also appear over on TAGMAG too.
So how does this I make me money I hear you cry. Well the brands use the TAG NETWORK to find their targeted influencers, review their stats, rates, book campaigns and measure results.
The TAG NETWORK puts you right in front of the major decision makers for brands and their agencies globally. It gives you a one stop shop for all your and their affiliation needs. Embedded advertising that fits everyone's needs. So instead of all the links I put in my text, they are right at the heart of the post. Just as it can be for you too. Wishing you happy tagging and earning.


Unknown said...

Love your blog and I'm following you now, follow back ? :)

mispapelicos said...

Most interesting, my dear friend, although I wear 99,9% secondhand clothes, so not good for me.
Happy Easter, Dvora.

Tanvi said...

Hard to pick one. I want ALL their outfits.

∞ © ∞

kobiecymagazyn said...


follow each other? tell me please when you first :)

fashion and frank said...

Very clever - happy tagging and happy easter too! xx

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Technology has gotten so interactive. I just came across a site that creates video-documentaries. It's not a passive documentary in the sense that you can put your cursor over anything/anyone in the video and drill down to other videos pertinent to it.

Love all these images (and that first one is eye-widening). You have such a signature look in composing your shots, aside from the knack of spotting some real trendsetters!

Thanks for all the good thoughts and the spam advice. I might have to move to word verification soon too just to manage all the spam ... - J xxx

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Dvora, thank for the introduction to TAGMAG! I'll have a look at it...BTW, Rebecca's ensemble is my absolute favourite! Caterina

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