Friday 11 January 2013

Out and about....LCM A/W 2013 final images

Henry Holland  @henryholland

Wendell Brown  @wennworld

Teo van der Broeke  @TeoESQUIRE

David Nyanzi  @Nyanzireport

Andrew Maewski  @maewsky

Nick Carvell  @Nick Carvell

Here are my final shots from The London Collections: Men. All unpublished but I thought worth a mention here as I like them. Hope you enjoyed this week of handsome men. I certainly did.


JK said...

David was dressed so nicely. It goes to show one can still take great shots when dressed to the nines.

Unknown said...

I want a men like those ones !


Coline !

mispapelicos said...

Handsome indeed.
Have a lovely weekend, Dvora.

iliketweet said...

These shots are great, you are so talented Dvora!

Hope to see you soon :)

Love Tweet xx

Kstylick said...

So classic fashion for men :)

Manonnn said...

Really stylish I love that!!!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Such snazzy gentlemen, including Mr. Nyanzi! It's so much fun to see photographers from the other end of the lens. -- J xxxx

Anonymous said...

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