Wednesday 26 September 2012

Out and about....Milan Fashion Week Street Chic

From Fashionistable
From Fashionistable
Lidiya Ostafiyehuk and Soojoo Park

From Fashionistable
Natalie Joos and Francesca Bracchi

From Fashionistable
Angelica Ardasheva and Elenora Carisi

From Fashionistable
Chiara Ferragi and Leila Yavari

From Fashionistable
Alexandra Beneti and Anna Dello Russo

From Fashionistable
Gabriele Hackworthy and Rachel Comoli

I was shooting for Vogue again while I was in Milan. Some of you will have seen some of the shots already, as the first shots went live on Friday. This is a teaser of what I saw. There are now 45 images for you to look at online which you can see here.


Lauren@Styleseer said...

Wonderful work Dvora!

Secondhand Stella said...

Amazing shots!!! The top right one is my fave.

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Your shots are so expertly framed ("Master" as you put it!), I'm sure you make everyone look even chicer than they already are. Favorite is the minimal Leila (gorgeous cut on her outfit) against the red bus.

Congratulations again for shooting for Vogue. Absolutely thrilled for you. -- J xxx

Rosalind said...

As always, your images shine and stand out. You make good street style photography appear breathlessly effortless. But it takes a master of the craft to do that.

Hannah said...

She's look like Diane Kruger. Keep it up! :)

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