Tuesday 11 September 2012

Out and about....Bestival

From Fashionistable
From Fashionistable
From Fashionistable
From Fashionistable
I had never been to the Isle of Wight before and Bestival was a great opportunity to go. The weather was great until the afternoon of the last day, otherwise perfect. We couldn't get off the island until 8pm on Monday evening which meant (after I had delivered my pic's - the rest of which you can see here) that we could go have a look around. So we visited Ventnor on the south coast where there are some cool 2nd hand/junk shops, window shopping only as sadly being a Monday they were closed. We then wandered down to the beach which was great and there is wonderful pub at the end of the seafront called the Spyglass where we stopped for a while. You can see my shots from Ventnor if you have a look at Dvora/Fashionistable on Instagram. Then we went to Yarmouth. We had been told a fish restaurant there called Salty's was good. It looked great but again closed on Monday. We stretched our legs down the pier and then into a Wheatsheaf which was doing a roaring trade with all the festival goers on their way home were we had a very decent fish and chips. Then finally back to Fishbourne and our ferry home. All in all a busy and fun weekend. Now really looking forward to London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks.


Unknown said...

always wanted to go to the Isle of Wight festival. Your post inspires me even more to do that!


robert said...

Your perfect selection dresses. Nice.

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Anonymous said...

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JK said...

I love the prints in the final two photos. Good spot, Dvora!

sajuki said...

I like look of this woman with yellow top. Adorable and so stylish !

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Fantastic shots as always -- beautifully framed and composed. How fun to be down at Yarmouth. I only know it from Dickens' David Copperfield!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you reel in over the Fashion weeks. -- J xxxx

Palmermhgw said...

I love the prints in the final two photos. Good spot, Dvora!

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