Wednesday 9 March 2011

Out and about....Paris Fashion Week, they came they went

Amazingly there was space for us all to shoot from the hip and on your own, except for the guy with the camera in the distance in my 1st shot, who we all had to try and avoid as he happily put himself in the middle of all the other photographers shots and then blamed us for ruining his! Strange man indeed.
Anyway the 1st 5 shots are of guests leaving the Viktor & Rolf show in the Tuileries.

From Fashionistable

From Fashionistable

From Fashionistable
Natalie Messenett

From Fashionistable
I love the way the little lady is peaking around the ladies who are/where the focus of my shot. Cute.

From Fashionistable

From Fashionistable
And the camera was turned - touche.

From Fashionistable

From Fashionistable
I thought is was great in the park where the Fashionista's were mixing with the general public.

In the next 5 shots I joined the scrum.....I know I know it is the only time I did it though. The 1st 3 are from the Dior show, the last 2 were going to the Sonia Rykiel show.

From Fashionistable

From Fashionistable

From Fashionistable

From Fashionistable
And Anna brought......

From Fashionistable
....Kanye West


the nyanzi report said...

I love this compilation alot. It has brought back pleasant memories of my time in Paris.

That strange guy in the first shot is called Kamel from style and the city. He left a trail of enemies from the other photographers for his antics. At one point they were about to punch him in the face for ruining an Anna Wintour shot!

The Photodiarist said...

Awesome!! Love love love this set of shots. David is dead right about that photographer. Ran into him quite a few times in New York and every time that I did, he was muttering about other photographers. He complains a lot on his blog too . . .

Anonymous said...

Paris is really the hotspot for street fashion and haute couture findings on the streets. Great shots.Unique to your blog. later, FashionLifeCoach

ching said...

i like the hype and energy after the fashion shows.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Great pictures, Dvora! Your work is amazing. It's so funny that there is a public enemy no 1 between you photographers... I also love the going-ons in the background. Like the little lady you pointed out or the girl in the skirt, dressed in all these hefty colours. xxx

jozefina said...

so stylish outfits!!!

That's Not My Age said...

Like the man with the pink hat!

Tomma said...


Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Dvora, you got some great shots. I hear there was a ton of street style photographers out in Paris. You did well. Love the Rykiel pictures xx

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