Friday 27 August 2010

Breaking News - Vogue Street Chic Competition - I need your help please

I have just had some (jumping up down) amazing news.
Vogue have been running a competition for a new Street Chic photographer which I had been quietly working on in the background. I have just been told I have made their short list. Now the list is not that short there are still 97 other hopefuls out there.
To all my lovely followers and everyone else who pops by to see me I need your help please. Please leave a comment on the Vogue site for my work - here are the links. It would mean the world to me.
Thank you in advance.

What a great 1st birthday present.


Make Do Style said...

Done! Know the feeling. I was up against the American continent with my short film. Well done and glad you've been shortlisted however long xx

the nyanzi report said...

That's fantastic news!
Good luck.

Unknown said...


I am so happy and excited and dizzy for you!! Right i have left my comment and now I am going to gather more support.....Twitter here I come!! (i know you dont like Twitter, but tough luck on this one love! I am doing it for you)

SabinePsynopsis said...

I'm sooooo excited for you. Shortlist. YAY! Go Dvora!!!! (Now I'm putting my comments in all the links!) xxx

Style, She Wrote said...

Cool contest! Hope you win. Checking out those links now.. xo style, she wrote

Coach Factory Online said...

I am a novice, your success is my inspiration.Indeed, it is wonderful

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